From 31 March 2014, Family Court reforms mean many clients with parenting and guardianship disputes will be initially required to be Self Represented in Court.

You are entitled to legal assistance outside of Court, and to a lawyer at a later stage (settlement conference and defended hearing). 

Specialist advice will be needed to ensure whether or not you are entitled to have a lawyer in Court from the outset.

For private clients, a lawyer can still help you with:

1. Legal & Strategic Advice.

2. Court and Courtroom preparation assistance;

(a) What to say, how to say it, maximizing your "solo" court success with the Judge

(b) Ghost writing your court documents and letters for you, to make sure they are "legally and evidentially correct" and "Judge friendly".

3. Negotiation advice.

I am skilled in helping my clients prepare for the challenging prospect of appearing in Court, and offer a number of tools to assist them. These tools are available to assist my clients who are initially "solo" in Court, without their lawyer.

My office provides a "wrap around" service. We offer our clients:

- legal advisory services;

- writing of documents;

- coaching for court appearances;

- negotiation and strategic advise.

This ensures my client's case has a seamless transition to being fully legally represented, if their case does not settle. This reduces costs to my client's, without the need to re-write court documents, and maximizes the prospects of settlement.