Family Law Specialist

My experience is broad, as I specialise in all aspects of the Family Courts jurisdiction. This includes:

•  Property  (on separation and pre-nuptial)
•  Monetary disputes – spousal maintenance and child support
•  Trusts
•  Care arrangements for children
•  Guardianship disputes (relocation, school, name, religion and medical matters)
•  Adoption of children (including complex IVF/Surrogacy issues)
•  Family Conflict on the death of a loved one
•  Advice on coping with a family member’s mental incapacity or mental disorder
•  Domestic Violence
•   Dealing with associated agencies: CYF, Medical and Psychological Experts, Counsellors, Accounting and Forensic Accounting Experts, Police and IRD 

With the breadth of my specialist practice, I confidently advise clients in situations where multiple issues intersect.