Complex Disputes

Clients regularly instruct me in complex disputes due to my professional and academic expertise.

Sometimes the intricacy is due to the legal issues involved in a particular area of the law. At other times, legal complexity arises due to challenging factual situations (asset structures or personal circumstances). Specialist advice is needed, and I am consulted in such circumstances.

I present seminars and write articles on complex legal issues for the legal profession. My clients get the benefit of that, as part of the advice I provide them.

Complexities can also be tactical. Typically, the mental health issues of one of the parties (whether diagnosed or not) or unhelpful legal representation “by the other side” add greatly to the difficulty of a client’s situation. There can be a host of other issues also. Careful advice and management is necessary in these situations.

I offer client focussed, strategic and academically rigorous advice for clients in all aspects of the complexity of their family law issues.