Caring and Professional 

Often, family disputes are traumatic. Divorce is rated by psychologists as one of the greatest life stressors, next to the death of loved one. 

As a legal professional, this is a conscious focus of my professional care for you. I try never to lose sight of your personal situation, and I respect and am sensitive to your personal feelings and welfare at all stages. 

I provide advice in layers to accommodate the impact of your new circumstances. My advice will initially be a “face to face” consultation. As a follow up, I provide my initial advice in writing.  I also provide pamphlets and advice sheets as a back up for the inevitable “learning curve” you will be facing.  The “advice in layers” approach is used through out the lawyer-client relationship, as and when needed. You are welcome to bring in a support person or family member to all consultations. I am available by phone to provide this advice also, outside of times when I am in court, mediation or consultations. 

As a former College educator, I am highly experienced in explaining complex legal and procedural matters in an easily digestible form. This is a skill that my clients say is extremely helpful to them, and makes the process they have entered less murky and disturbing.

As a parent of teenagers and former College educator, I am child focussed, and very aware of child developmental needs and issues. I have the life experience that makes my dealing with the break down of your family empathetic, grounded in reality and focussed on the needs of you and your children.

In situations of urgency, I will prioritise your personal safety and the security of your possessions. The necessary applications will be filed at Court with maximum speed and professional diligence.