About Maria Kazmierow

Seminar Presenter:

As a former educator, I remain a passionate about continuing education. I greatly enjoy presenting seminars for legal & other professionals. Most recently, my seminars include:

  • 2013 - ADLS Mental Health Hearing Replay Workshop
  • 2013 - 2013 Family Court Reform: The impact on New Zealand Families' Access to Justice in an Age of Austerity Driven Reform (Access to Justice in an Age of Austerity - The Legal Research Foundation in association with the New Zealand Centre for Human Rights Law, Policy and Practice)
  • 2012 - ADLS: Mental Health Pot Pourri
  • 2012 - The Rights and Responsibilities of Patients in Critical Care Situations
  • 2010 - “ADLS: From the Cradle to the Grave Annual Seminar” – Incapacity Update
  • 2010 – LEADR: Family Law Mediation
  • 2009 – ADLS – National Road Show: “Enduring liowers of Attorney”
  • 2009 - Lexis Nexis Property Relationship Act Master Class –Debt
  • 2008 – Lexis Nexis Property Relationship  Act Master Class – Debt