About Maria Kazmierow

Professional Bodies - Lawyer and Mediator

As a specialist family lawyer with a BA/LLB degree from the University of Auckland, I am a member of a number of professional bodies associated with the Family Law Bar.

I belong to the Family Law Section of the NZ Law Society, 

I am an active long standing committee member of the Auckland District Law Society Inc, Family Law & Mental Health Law Committees.

I am the immediate past Chair/Convenor of the Law Society Family Law Committee (ADLS).

I am a former member of the Auckland Civil and Family Services Goverance Advisory Board for the Auckland Regional Courts.

In the past, I have also been a committee member of the Auckland Family Courts Association. 

I am an accredited FDR Mediator - being both LEADR and NZLS Panel of Mediators Accredited. I am contracted to provide state funded FDR with Family Works. 

I have mediated as a Family Court Parenting Mediator since 2010, and been a trained and accredited mediator with LEADR  since 2008. I was awarded the Prize for Mediation whilst at University, as the Top mediator student of my year. 

For those cases suited to mediation, I welcome alternative dispute resolution, both as a mediator and as counsel for clients participating in mediation. I have extensive experience as a mediator, exclusively in the area of Family Law. 

Having a strong interest in medico legal matters, I have belonged to the Auckland Medico Legal Society. Exploring this interest while completing my law degree, I worked for the Health and Disability Commissioners Office as a project officer.